Something to think about before purchasing a kitten, please ensure for your own sake as well as the Kitten's that you are not allergic to cats.

Q. What do Bengal's eat?

A. Bengal's can be fed as a normal cat would be fed. We recommend a good quality dried food(Hills, Royal canin) , along with some fresh meat ( raw chicken wings are best) or tinned cat food. A diet sheet is given with every new kitten, along with some of its current food, so that the new owners don't change the kittens diet too drastically when it first goes to its new home. Their main difference is they can eat a raw diet this helps to keep them from getting stomach upsets. Also keeps their coat nice and shiny

Q. How much do they cost?

A. There is quite a lot of difference in price dependant upon whether you are purely looking for a pet Bengal or if you are wishing to show or breed. Our prices start from around £350 (U.K. pounds) for a pet and upwards to over £1500 for first class quality breeding cats with beautiful patterning.

Q. Are the Kittens vaccinated ?

A. Yes, all of our kitten leave us fully vaccinated for Flu, Enteritus and Feline Chlamydophila and also checked by our vet twice, as well as wormed and fleaed.

Q. Are they vaccinated for Leukemia ?

A. No,

the Leukemia vaccine does have a higher incidence of reaction risk. it is our advice not to vaccinate any cat of any breed for Leukemia unless they go outdoors or live with Cat's that do. Veterinarians are strongly advised to give the vaccine on a leg, so if a tumor were to develop later it is much more easy to remove. This is not a breed related issue, but one that can affect any breed and a problem most breeders make their buyers aware of, as they have heard the horror stories, though rare. Most of This information was gathered from a certified vetinary technician with 10 years experience in animal medicine.

Q. What else do I need for my kitten ?

A. You will need a litter tray, a Carrier to take the kitten home in (which we can supply for £15), a quite place that the kitten will feel safe when he/she arrives in the new house. We also recommend a cat scratching tree for the kitten to play on.

Q. Are the Kittens allowed out?

A. We recommend that Bengal's are kept as house cats, but can be taken out on a lead, or if you have the space and time you can build them a run in the garden, but they are primarily an indoor pet.They will not miss going out if they haven't been out.

Q. Why do I need to get my kitten neutered ?

A. Your bengal kitten should be neutered by 5/6 months this is for the good of the cat and your sanity, as the kitten Male or Female will begin to spray also become very noisy and also try its hardest to get out and find a mate. Don't just take our word for it ask your vet.

Q. Are they really like little leopards?

A. Bengal's are, to all intents and purposes, just like domestic cats but they do have as an ancestor, a wild, Asian leopard cat, this means that they do have aspects of their character and nature reminiscent of this ancestry, they are very intelligent, they are unafraid of water, their 'voice' is more like that of a wild cat. Their look mimics that of a wild cat. And they eat raw meat.

Q. Do they Bite?

A. Yes! All cats whether bengal's or domestic cats can bite. Cats are natural hunters and are designed with teeth and claws! However, I have never known one of my bengal's to deliberately bite anyone. We have a family with young children who happily play with all our cats and kittens and the temperament of our cats is wonderful! You are more likely to suffer from earache caused by loud purring than from being bitten!

Q. Are they House trained?

A. All our Kittens leave us trained to use a litter tray, this process is started by their mother, as soon as they are old enough to walk! However, as a pet owner you should be prepared for the odd rare accident, normally this occurs only if a kitten cannot cannot get access to its tray.

Q. Can I be a Bengal breeder ?

A. See Bengal Breeding

Q. Will my kitten keep it's blue eyes?

A. Most kittens are born with blue eyes which will change colour as they get older, the only Bengal to retain it's blue eyes is the blue eyed snow.

Q How can i stop my cat urinating inapropriatly (outside the litter box)

A. This can ocurr when taking a new kitten home for the first few days, if it goes on longer or if your cat starts this in later life, first try a different litter tray and dfferent litter, if this doesn't work try Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Additive this contains natural ingredients that produce a scent to attract cats to use the litter box. Dr.Elsey’s Cat Attract Additive is the first litter additive to address this problem and provides a clinically tested and consumer proven solution sold by Vetuk. There is also Cat Attract cat litter sold by Zooplus.